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What’s Blood Got to Do With it? – Dr. Jill Johnsen (S1 E14)

Is there a connection between blood type and risk factors for COVID-19? That’s what Dr. Jill Johnsen from the Bloodworks Northwest Research Institute wants to findRead more →

The Grandma with Superpowers – Sheila Julich (S1 E13)

It seems like every day we hear more discouraging news about the rapid and deadly spread of COVID-19. As the death toll passes 100,000, it’s hardRead more →

Not as Expected – Molly’s Story (S1 E12)

Bloodworks Northwest Board Member Molly Firth, figured she was just going to have a baby. Then she figured she was just going to have a C-section.Read more →

The Right Side of 50/50 – Isaac Strong (S1 E11)

In 2017, Isaac Williams was diagnosed with high-risk, Stage IV neuroblastoma at just 17 months old. Facing a course of treatment lasting the duration of hisRead more →