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Donating Blood at a Haunted House: A Not-So-Scary Story

It was a dark and stormy night. Typical for October in Seattle. Shielding my eyes from the rain, I ventured across the parking lot with 5Read more →

Bloodworks Awarded $3.7 Million in Grants from CARE Fund to Expand Cancer Research Infrastructure

We are thrilled to announce that four Bloodworks teams have received over $3.7 million in grants from the Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment (CARE) Fund toRead more →

Making birth more equitable: Gender-neutral cord blood language

In the United States, birth has been historically very gendered. The classic pink and blue have been standard since baby boomers were babies themselves; likewise, MomRead more →

Respecting each donation with Bloodworks’ Remnant Program

It’s every dedicated blood donor’s worst nightmare: you’ve just given a pint from your own veins and, for some unforeseen reason, it can’t be transfused. MaybeRead more →