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New Donor Health Questionnaire: What’s changing and why?

 “Yes, I am feeling healthy and well today… no, I’m not on antibiotics right now,” donors read and respond as they select “yes” or “no” inRead more →

Why does TBI cause bleeding?

People around the world are living longer than ever – 33 countries average a lifespan of 80 years or more. While life expectancy in the USRead more →

Our Local Blood Shortage: It’s Only a Matter of Time

Blood centers in our region and across the country are pleading for our help.  The critically low blood supply in the U.S. is now forcing healthcareRead more →

Blood Donations Saved My Premature Twins’ Lives

By: DeAnne, mother of twins Mason and Justin. When you support Bloodworks, you ensure crucial blood supplies are available to families in need. You’re not justRead more →