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Blood Donations Saved My Premature Twins' Lives

By: DeAnne, mother of twins Mason and Justin.

When you support Bloodworks, you ensure crucial blood supplies are available to families in need. You’re not just saving a single life. In cases like mine, you’re giving two newborns an opportunity to live.

Twelve years ago, I was thrilled to learn I was pregnant with twins. What could be more exciting! It was my first pregnancy and everything was happening just as it should. That is, until at 22 weeks, I went into premature labor. It was incredibly scary and I feared for the lives of my boys. At the hospital they told me that if my boys were born now they would have a 10 percent chance of survival.

After four weeks of bed rest, my boys were born at 26 weeks. Mason weighed just 2 pounds, 1 ounce when he was born, and Justin weighed even less—1 pound, 13 ounces. Those extra four weeks meant my sons’ chance of survival skyrocketed to 90%, but they were still struggling.

Both boys needed multiple blood transfusions—Mason received four and Justin needed five transfusions, all from Bloodworks Northwest.

To this day I can remember the doctors telling me what a great job Bloodworks does taking care of premature babies. They explained to me that because premature babies don’t need much blood, they can take partial amounts from one blood donor. I could see it was making a difference, making them stronger day by day, so that they could come home and we could be a family.

Those were five frightening months in my life. Now I have two awesome 11-year-old boys who are amazing students, love to learn about science and explore, and are just grateful to be here experiencing life. Thanks to you. When I see blood drives happening, I want to go over and give those donors (you!) a hug and tell you that what you’re doing at one time affected me personally, and helped save my kids.

Your blood has saved the lives of more people than you know. And today, your gift can reach even more. Just as blood from donors like you provides the units needed to perform hundreds of transfusions a day, your financial gift ensures that every single transfusion is safe for the newest life to the wisest. Make your gift today.

Thank you,

December 26, 2017 10:11PM

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