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Better Patient Care: Transfusion Labs In-Hospital

With about five million Americans receiving blood every year, transfusions are the most frequently performed in-hospital medical procedure. Bloodworks is responding to this need by setting up full-service transfusion laboratories right inside the hospitals we serve.

Bloodworks has opened labs in seven Puget Sound-area hospitals: Seattle Children’s, UW Valley Medical Center, Swedish Cherry Hill and First Hill and Issaquah, Evergreen Hospital, and Overlake Medical Center. Together, the Bloodworks transfusion labs support nearly 4,500 patient beds.

Staffed 24/7 by Bloodworks specialists, the labs are able to test and crossmatch patient blood samples with blood components stored at the hospital. Our fast turnaround times mean patients get quicker, more effective care, while hospitals get maximum access to transfusion expertise and great service. Both patients and hospitals can count on our commitment to blood safety.

Innovation meets patient needs

  • Bloodworks has equipped four Puget Sound-area hospitals with HemoSafe blood dispensers. These ultra-smart refrigerators store up to 110 units of blood and give hospitals immediate access to a full range of red cell types and plasma—all tested and transfusion-ready. In 2016, our hospital partners used HemoSafes to dispense more than 15,000 units of blood.
  • Our Portland lab provides regular and emergency distribution of 60,000 units of blood components annually to local hospitals in Vancouver, southwestern Washington, and throughout the Portland Metro region.

One pint of blood can do more good than ever. Schedule your appointment to donate blood today.

February 1, 2017 6:00PM

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