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Celebrating Summer in the Northwest: Bust Out Your Shades and SAVOR LIFE. SAVE A LIFE!

In the Pacific Northwest, we live for the summer. We’ll store that kayak in the garage for eight months just to use it on the lake in July, keep the beach towel and umbrella for when the mountain and the sun come out, and get the barbecue out in February to make sure it’s ready on the first day of summer.

We’re so good at packing many fun activities into the summer months, it’s easy to forget the most important one: donating blood. Because every year from June through September when people get more active, two phenomena occur: Our community’s need for blood spikes, and our supply of it teeters on the cusp of critical and emergency levels.

The challenge is this: the blood supply doesn’t get a summer vacation. But the solution is simple and takes but an hour – DONATE BLOOD THIS SUMMER.

Knowing you’re helping a patient in our community get back to health and their summer is a unique reward of blood donation on its own, but all summer long, we’ll be sweetening the deal with exclusive giveaways to make this the best summer ever. Donate by June 30, and you can enter to win one of these unique rewards:

  • Winner 1: Seafair passes for 2! Experience all three Seafair events like a celebrity, including parking, seating, food, drinks, and more! (Must donate by 6/18 to win this prize.)
  • Winner 2: Pickathon Music Festival Tickets for 4! Enjoy the three day music festival in Happy Valley just outside of Portland featuring a variety of artists and genres, food trucks, local beer and wine!
  • Winner 3: A Traeger BBQ Grill! Fire it up for friends, fun and food!
  • Winner 4: An Ooni Portable Pizza Oven, perfect for a backyard pizza party!

Whatever your summer plans, we hope you have fun, do plenty of relaxing, and stay safe. In between all that, be sure to set aside an hour to donate blood and help save someone’s life. It’s not much time or effort, but to someone whose only chance at recovery lies in your very veins, it’s everything.

June 6, 2022 4:22PM

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