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Get to know Jeff Perry, Bloodworks' new CFO

When Bob Gleason retires in June after two decades of service to Bloodworks as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), he will leave an already-cemented legacy as a values-driven leader and finance maestro.  

“Looking back, I simply cannot imagine my experience at Bloodworks without him, and I count it as one of my great fortunes in life to have been his colleague and his friend,” said Curt Bailey, Bloodworks President and CEO. 

Bob has set a high bar, and Bloodworks looked far and wide for a business leader who could match his standards and acumen.

And now, Bloodworks is excited to welcome Jeff N. Perry into the CFO role as of April 1. 

Jeff wowed Bloodworks leadership during the interview process. “In each conversation, we marveled at Jeff’s commitment to servant leadership, unceasing positivity, and rich curiosity,” Curt remarked. “His finance background is impressive, and so is his track record.” 

His education alone is outstanding: Jeff holds an MBA, an MS in Accounting, and a BS in Finance and International Business. But it’s his approach to bottom-line growth that sets him apart. 

While he’s worked in a range of industries, from Fortunate 500 companies to start-ups, Jeff comes to Bloodworks from a healthcare environment — most recently, he was the CFO of Integrated Clinical Services of Multnomah County, the Portland area’s federally funded health center. During his time in this role, Jeff significantly improved the financial performance of the Health Center, leading it to become a self-supporting entity. 

When he’s not helping businesses elevate their performance, Jeff is active in the community. He is Board treasurer for both Maybelle Center for Community and for Alliance in Equity in Montessori Education and sits on the Finance Committee for the Oregon Primary Care Association. The transition to Bloodworks will come with a transition to the Seattle area, and it won’t be long before Jeff makes his mark in his new home. 

Please join us in getting to know Jeff a little better!

What drew you to Bloodworks?

That is an interesting story. In all transparency, a recruiter reached out to me. She knew my background, saw the description for this role, and believed I would be a good fit. She told me that the role was still in the early phase of development and that Bloodworks was not ready to start the interview process but to look and see if it would be something in which I was interested. If I were interested, get back to her, and she would present my background to Bloodworks when they were ready to start the process. After I reviewed the organization, I concluded Bloodworks aligned with my career goals and values because they are providing essential healthcare services to the community.

Why were/are you the best fit for this position?

As CFO, I can help advance the vision and contribute to the organization’s mission in several ways:

  1. Financial Stewardship:  I have a strong background in financial management and strategic planning, which would enable me to ensure the organization’s financial health.
  2. Collaboration: I value teamwork and collaboration, and I believe that strong partnerships both within the organization and with external stakeholders are key to achieving financial and operational success
  3. Innovation: I am committed to seeking innovative financial solutions and operational efficiencies, which can help Bloodworks adapt to an ever-changing healthcare landscape.
  4. Mission Driven: I am passionate about contributing to organizations that have a positive impact on the community, and Bloodworks’ mission to save lives through their blood and laboratory services resonates with me deeply.

What are you most excited about?

I believe that my skills and experience can make a meaningful difference at Bloodworks, and I am excited about the opportunity to lead the financial strategies that will support the organization in fulfilling its mission.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

As CFO, my responsibilities involve balancing financial stewardship with a commitment to providing quality healthcare services to the community. I must navigate complex healthcare financing, compliance and budgeting challenges while ensuring the financial sustainability of the organization.

What’s something you want everyone to know about you?

I love to travel. I am big sports fan and, being from Chicago, I am a total foodie.

April 1, 2024 2:18PM

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