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The Grandma with Superpowers – Sheila Julich (S1 E13)

It seems like every day we hear more discouraging news about the rapid and deadly spread of COVID-19. As the death toll passes 100,000, it’s hardRead more →

Not as Expected – Molly’s Story (S1 E12)

Bloodworks Northwest Board Member Molly Firth, figured she was just going to have a baby. Then she figured she was just going to have a C-section.Read more →

The Right Side of 50/50 – Isaac Strong (S1 E11)

In 2017, Isaac Williams was diagnosed with high-risk, Stage IV neuroblastoma at just 17 months old. Facing a course of treatment lasting the duration of hisRead more →

The Day a Heart Stood Still – Sue Nixon (S1 E10)

The remarkable true story of how Seattle’s Sue Nixon owes her life to the quick response of genuine Good Samaritans and paramedics at Medic One, theRead more →