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The Day a Heart Stood Still – Sue Nixon Summer Edition (S1 E16)

An update to the remarkable true life story. Seattle’s Sue Nixon owes her life to the quick response of genuine Good Samaritans and paramedics at MedicRead more →

When All That’s Left is Hope – Bill Harper (S1 E15)

Communications Specialist Bill Harper is a gifted storyteller here at Bloodworks Northwest. But in this special Independence Day edition of Bloodworks 101, you’ll find out whyRead more →

What’s Blood Got to Do With it? – Dr. Jill Johnsen (S1 E14)

Is there a connection between blood type and risk factors for COVID-19? That’s what Dr. Jill Johnsen from the Bloodworks Northwest Research Institute wants to findRead more →

The Grandma with Superpowers – Sheila Julich (S1 E13)

It seems like every day we hear more discouraging news about the rapid and deadly spread of COVID-19. As the death toll passes 100,000, it’s hardRead more →