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Our full court press to Save More Lives.

Alongside one another, we’ve been resilient. We cared for patients diagnosed with coronavirus, while sustaining enough blood for patients waiting for necessary treatments and hospital care. We committed to mask up and socially distance to care for our neighbors. And then, the Covid-19 vaccine gave us the possibility of togetherness. The horizon neared to restore our community’s health, and we inched closer to the missed face-to-face connections.

When spring arrived, health officials urged us to do one more thing: Get vaccinated. With a new vaccine, confusion developed on its effects on donating blood. Our dream team suited up to share the facts. Pacific Northwest sports legends shared their voices, telling personal reasons for giving back to our community. And yes, you can donate if you received the Covid-19 vaccine.

In anticipation of a difficult summer season, the Save More Lives, Give Blood campaign launched in June. With our Northwest dream team leading the challenge, we played strong defense. As we wrap up this campaign, let’s not forget the two actions that move us forward: giving blood and being vaccinated. Together, we can handle this curveball. Together, we save more lives.

August 31, 2021 7:24AM

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