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More than 97% of Bloodworks Northwest Employees are Fully Vaccinated

“Our Work has One Goal: Saving Lives.” – Curt Bailey, President & CEO

Over 97% of Bloodworks Northwest employees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with 2% having an approved exemption in place as of October 18, 2021. 

“As part of the healthcare community in Washington and Oregon, we are obligated to do our utmost to reduce the tragic harm and threat to the public health that is COVID-19,” said Bloodworks Northwest President and CEO Curt Bailey. “We can do no less.”  

In August, Bloodworks Northwest announced the organization would be joining the growing number of experts and institutions requiring COVID-19 vaccinations of health workers as part of a commitment to health. (See: Our Commitment to Health: A message from CEO Curt Bailey To Bloodworks Staff) Bloodworks set a goal of 10/18/21 to achieve a fully vaccinated* workforce. This mandatory program for all employees and volunteers is a condition of employment and service. This date was set in consideration of Oregon and Washington governors’ COVID-19 testing and vaccine orders, as well as Bloodworks’ ability to track and define compliance with the state requirements. Consistent with federal and state laws, employees may request medical and religious accommodations. *Fully vaccinated means two weeks since final vaccine dose.

Vaccination By The Numbers

Of the approximately 780 Bloodworks employees:

  • More than 97% of staff are fully vaccinated
  • 2% have an approved exemption in place
  • 1% of staff chose to leave Bloodworks rather than comply with the vaccine requirement
  • 100% of employees are in compliance with COVID vaccination requirements for healthcare workers in Oregon and Washington to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption for medical or religious reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

“We should all be concerned with the increases of COVID-19 cases in our state and we know that vaccines are our best tool to end this pandemic.” 

– WA Secretary of Health Dr. Umair A. Shah, MD, MPH

COVID-19 Vaccine: The Best Tool To End This Pandemic

We have widespread access to safe and effective vaccines. Yet, vaccine misinformation is everywhere, and it can be difficult to know what to trust.  Be informed about the latest in vaccine news, safety, and importance by viewing these videos or talking with a physician:

Together, we can keep our community safe.

October 18, 2021 5:43PM

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