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Gifts for Blood Donors

Happy holidays! If shopping for your favorite blood donor is on your schedule, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few gift ideas* for every type of donor.

The Vain Vein

The fashionista in your life would love some sweet Bloodworks swag. Because nothing says “I save lives” like a t-shirt that literally says “I save lives.”

The Type A and B (and O and AB) Personalities

Your blood type is pretty super! And we think this blood type sticker is super pretty. Or, keep your loved one’s blood types close to your heart. Even the anti-holiday humbugs will love this antigen pendant. Regardless, a gift with their blood type on it is a fun way to add a bit of personalization.

The Regular Reader

This donor doesn’t watch Netflix when they donate platelets: they read a book! The (unofficial) Bloodworks Book Club has enjoyed learning more about blood through these easy reads:

  1. Nine Pints by Rose George
  2. Path of Persistence by Bloodworks’ own Dr. Sherrill Slichter
  3. Blood by Douglas Starr

The Blood Buddy

Know a donor who needs a little hand-holding? Even with COVID-19, they don’t need to go it alone. The Bloodworks marketing team has a plush platelet from Giant Microbes that we are a little obsessed with. Etsy also has some cuddly blood buddies, or knit your own for free!

The Gallon Giver

This donor has worked hard to earn their many gallon pins. Help them show them off with a display board, banner, or case. You can find some cute inspiration on Etsy.

The Podcast Person

The donor who always has the download would be delighted if you sponsored an episode of Bloodworks 101 in their name! Host John Yeager awaits your message.

The Hydration Hound

It’s important to drink plenty of fluids before you donate blood! Everyone has a reusable water bottle these days, but do they have one… with a Bluetooth speaker? …that’s the size and shape of a notepad? …with an infuser and words of encouragement? …that hooks up to an app?

The Low-iron Lifesaver

The cottagecore vibe is so hot right now. Grandma’s favorite cast iron pan can be beneficial for donors who struggle to meet the minimum hematocrit. Be sure to talk to your doctor before adding any sort of supplement to your routine.

The Mighty Mouse

Staff member Kyle B. says recommends a Disney+ account, “Especially for those platelet donations… perfect amount of time for a classic Disney movie!”

Ron L. adds, “Fun animal slippers for when you kick your feet up for your donation!” These cozy Baby Yoda slippers are on Ron’s wishlist.

The Hard-to-shop-for Hero H. says masks are, “the official stocking-stuffer of 2020.” Just about everyone could use a face mask. Even if you think you’re covered, it might be time to replace the masks you’ve worn since the mask mandates began. For example, this mask protects those around you while making a lifesaving statement. Margaret loves Teepublic’s options. Or sew your own – our medical director Katie Wilkinson, MD has a cloth face mask tutorial and pattern. (Bonus: use red blood cell fabric!)

Everyone needs to eat! They might also like restaurant or delivery service gift card so that they can fill up on a big meal before their next appointment to save lives.

And, of course, our favorite idea of all: donate a unit of blood in their honor.

For you

We’ll be offering exciting gifts to our donors in December, including a special something for those who give on Christmas Eve. Book your next appointment today!

And don’t forget our Platelet Power rewards program! Make five platelet donations in a trimester to earn a gift card or premium Bloodworks gear. With double punches on Sundays and Wednesdays, there’s still time to get yourself something great before the end of the year.


Programs like AmazonSmile and Bartell Drugs’ B Caring give back to Bloodworks with eligible purchases.

*The fine print: Bloodworks does not endorse these items. Well, we endorse our own swag, but that’s it. Everything else has been selected because we think it’s cool. Unless stated otherwise, we have no relationship to and receive no benefit from any of these products.

November 18, 2020 5:49PM

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