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Blood Donation Love Stories for Valentine's Day

Over the 75 years Bloodworks has served the community, we’ve noticed blood donations have a special way of bringing people together. To find out if we’re on to something, we asked our community to share their “blood donation love stories” — times donating blood not only strengthened local patients, but also their personal relationships. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we share those stories — the funny, profound, sweet and extraordinary…

Renée and her father at her wedding.

“When I was a kid, my dad would often bring me along while he donated blood. I thought it was so cool watching him help people he would never even meet. Seeing his love for others in action really inspired me, and I decided I would start donating as soon as I turned 16. Now my mom has been fighting advanced ovarian cancer for five years, which has motivated me even more to help people like her who need blood products. My dad never set out to make me a lifelong donor, but when we lead by example we inspire others to show love as well.”


Blood donors Catherine and Jeff.

“My spouse and I compete with each other to see who can pump that pint out fastest. He usually beats me (my veins are crap), but every once in a while…”


Lili and her mom.

“My mom has pretty severe anemia, to the point where sometimes she even needs blood transfusions. Due to this, since I was young she always made sure I kept watch on my iron levels. To this day, I’m healthy and I donate regularly! She always thanks me and lets me know how proud of me she is, even though we live in different states. I hope that I am able to help others out there like my mother.”


Liz and Tom

“Very early in dating, donating blood together was an important test for Tom to pass. It tells a lot about someone’s character.”


Amandalyn and her father.

“My father passed away from a heart attack on Valentine’s Day when I was five, so I haven’t celebrated it since. But why not turn something bad into something good? This year I made an appointment for myself and my boyfriend so he can give his first-ever donation. We are donating platelets and along with getting back into the swing of regularly donating blood again, I also hope to make this our yearly way of celebrating Valentine’s Day – showing some love by giving some blood.”


Rozi and Brandon at a mobile blood drive.

“We had been dating for less than a month when I asked him if he’d like to donate blood. He never had before, but after reassuring him that it was painless and easy, he was on board. We’ve spent the last four years donating together, usually whole blood, but we’ve also donated platelets too. While I’ve been donating more than half my life, I’m super proud of my fiancé who just earned his 1 gallon pin!”


Beth and Franz at the Bloodworks Bellevue Donor Center.

“My hubby volunteers in the canteen while I donate platelets. We’ve gotten a few odd looks when I get a smooch with my cranberry juice!”


Thank you for supporting local patients on Valentine’s Day and all year long. If you’d like to give a Valentine that lasts a lifetime (and maybe even create some new memories), schedule your next blood donation with us.

February 14, 2018 10:56AM
  • Cat Stulik, LICSW

    All of these stories are just wonderful! You all are super special Valentines and thanks for sharing.

    I appreciate and honor you!


    (social worker at the WA Center for Bleeding Disorders/platelet & whole blood donor)

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