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Introducing Bloodworks 101 Podcast

Check out Bloodworks 101, our new monthly podcast! We’ll share stories that will inspire and educate you to give time, money, or blood. Host John Yeager and guest storytellers talk to medical movers and community members impacted by blood donations. Subscribe now!

In this short piece you’ll get a hint of the kind of stories the staff at Bloodworks Northwest will be sharing every month or so. You can find Bloodworks 101 wherever you listen to your podcasts. Listen to our introduction episode in the player and read on for a transcript.

Hi. I’m John Yeager with Bloodworks 101. Let me tell you a story. We’re starting something special here at Bloodworks. It’s a brand new podcast called Bloodworks 101. If you’re like me and you really like stories, you probably already listen to a couple podcasts every day, maybe a few every week. It’s a great medium, like personalized radio. I can listen to one wherever I go – when I drive or take the bus to work or when I go to sleep at night. Millions of us listen to podcasts every single day.

Okay, so they’re popular. But why start one now? Well, you see, I used to be a reporter here in Seattle. So when you’re a storyteller like me, it’s hard to stop looking for them. And if you ran across the many really incredible stories right under your nose like we have, you’d want to share them, too. I’ll be joined by a group of very talented young storytellers here, all wanting to do the same thing— tell really compelling stories. And you’ll be hearing all kinds of them on Bloodworks 101.

Our stories are designed to either educate or inspire you to give time, money or blood. Here are some examples. We’ve got one for you about a little four-year-old boy in the fight for his life facing stage IV neuroblastoma. Doctors gave him a 50/50 chance to live. Today, he’s an inspiration to his parents. We have one about a renowned doctor here at Bloodworks Northwest who couldn’t get into med school simply because she was a woman. She went on to become a legend in the blood banking industry.

We’re sharing one for you about our new CEO, a former Marine chopper pilot who takes a snow boarder’s approach to his job. We have one about a blood products courier who drives thousands of miles a week fighting rush hour traffic. You’ll find out how he got started and why. And finally we have one about trypanophobia. That’s the fear of needles. Did you know that’s the number one reason why people don’t give blood? In that episode, we’ll talk to some experts who have some great advice about how to fight it. Here’s a hint: don’t look away. And those are just the first few episodes!

We’re going to have a new episode for you every month, and a bonus episode now and then. Bottom line, I think you’re going to be blown away by the lifesaving stories we have to tell here at Bloodworks Northwest every day. So wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe and listen to Bloodworks 101!

February 21, 2020 5:16PM

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