Blog of Bloodworks Northwest

The Hope of the World – Elizabeth Schneider, Bloodworks’ First Convalescent Plasma Donor (S1 E9)

Seattle’s Elizabeth Schneider is Bloodworks Northwest’s first Convalescent Plasma donor. Convalescent Plasma is donated by those who’ve tested positive for COVID-19, have recovered and have aRead more →

Bloodworks Northwest Saved My Life – LinMara Bluebird & Dr. Rebecca Kruse Jarres (S1 E8)

The story of a Bainbridge Island woman, LinMara Bluebird, who says, “Bloodworks Northwest saved my life.” Bluebird was diagnosed with a rare form of hemophilia. WorldRead more →

Getting Real About Emergencies – Blood Services Executive VP Vicki Finson (S1 E6)

Bloodworks Northwest’s Executive Vice President of Blood Services Vicki Finson knows what happens behind the scenes when the blood supply dips to emergency levels. Listen inRead more →

Born In Crisis – COVID-19 Curt Bailey (S1 E5)

As concern grows over the spread of COVID-19, Bloodworks Northwest, the leading provider of blood in the Pacific Northwest, sounds the alarm. The blood supply inRead more →